3rd Party Plugin - Ableton issue

Hi all,

I am running Ableton suite with several different 3rd party plug ins - most of which work fine but I have a reoccuring issue with a couple of them . . .

All plugins are installed in: program files>production folder and ableton recognises them with no problems.

My issue is that 2 of my plugins (access virus and Sylenth demo version) produce no sound. They load fine, and I can see that the midi signal from my keyboard is creating a response, but there is nothing but silence . . .

Any ideas guys ?



hmm strange…try changing plug-in buffer size in CPU settings,

Hey Bobby,

I’m not sure if it’s the same thing I experienced a while back (in this case it was with Cakewalk’s Rapture VST). I was running their demo/trial and once it had expired, it failed to produce any sound.

Is it possible your demos have expired?