3rd Party sidechain in ableton?

hey lads,

I’m a Protools and Ableton user, more recently ive been pulled towards live, due to multiple problems with Protools and my **** computer,but, if there is one thing i miss about protools, it is “having the choice of any compressor for side chaining and pump compression”.

My question is, "can i use third party compressors for pump/side-chain in ableton, or am i missing something here! :slight_smile:

Kind regards,

Gav Dunne

hey Gav,

you can use 3rd party plug ins in ablenton,

you need to options top left of of ablenton screen ,

then go down to preferences,

select file/folder tab

then go to plug in sources , select the vst plug in folder ,

then browse and select your vsti folder,

then click rescan , make sure you have the folder button on ,

then go back to the main ablenton window,

then on the left of screen there is 5 folder tabs ,

the first one where all the native ablenton plug in are kept

the second tab (looks like 2 pin plug) is where will find all yr 3rd party plug ins,

then drag n drop what u want on to the track ,

ablenton not 64 bit so it want show any 64 bit plug ins

hope that helps mate

hey man, thanks for the speedy reply, but, my issue is about using a third party compressor for side chain,

thanks again for the reply mate

you can sidechain 3rd party plugins as long as they are VST3 Spec which most newer ones are.

ableton doesn’t directly support it tho so you have to set up a bit of routing.

you have to either duplicate the track or use a send to send the signal to the sidechain.

you need to set the “audio to” on the send channel to the channel where your compressor is.

if it has sidechain compatibility the compressor will show up in box below “audio to”

cheers mate, il get on that right away!

much appreciated :slight_smile: