432 Hz Mode?

i know this sounds ridiculous but anyway here goes …

after working with and playing musical instruments, acoustic and electronic, for two or three decades, usually tuned at the regular A=440hz, i recently listened to a simple side-by-side presentation of a track that was 440hz tuning and then the same track where the tuning was 8 hz (or about 31.7 cents) lower in tuning, with A=432hz. I preferred the 432hz tuning version due to a subtle yet easily perceptible “mellower” sound.

having previously read a few articles praising and also debunking the 432hz tuning standard, i wasn’t particularly interested in all the ideas and theory and arguments. it’s just words on a page. but i do trust my ears and so have now tuned my two hardware synths pretty close to 432hz tuning standard. Also set the prosoniq Orange Vocoder “Tuning” parameter to 432hz.

So i was wondering if it would be possible to make a feature request for a future update whereby it is possible to set the software’s overall Tuning between 440hz and 432hz? The “pitch snap” feature of the software is really cool, and if the overall tuning could be custom-set by the user, then the Snap feature would be slightly even more useful when exploring other tunings, with the Hz being changed only once in the Settings.

the bassdrum is such an influential element of a track, depending on genre … currently i just retune drums while listening and sequencing them with a Machinedrum and Octatrack.

Anyway hope this isn’t too strange a request, especially for my second post.

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I would also like to know if this is possible. Any possibility of a “master tune” option?

Hi there and welcome aboard on the forums ! :sunglasses:

You can tune your kicks manually by adjusting the Pitch envelope and use the pitch knobs for the sub oscillator and each clicks samples but there’s no Global Tuning available in KICK 2.

However this might be something SA we’ll be looking into for KICK 3 which is under development now.

Cheers :wink: