4th July Sale 2018 / 665

4th July Sale 2018

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Independence day is upon us - or rather upon you guys across in the US of A

To celebrate we have 20% off until midnight Sunday 8th. You can get 20% off all Subscriptions, Plugins, Sample and Preset Packs!
Furthermore, if you are already a Sonic Academy Subscriber you get a further 10% off these prices!

*ends midnight PDT 8th July 2018

Hi, is there any special code to use this promotion at the checkout?
Price for Ana 2 looks very same as yesterday - just below €100.


ANA 2 has 30% off :slight_smile:

yeah, but the final price for me is still the same as it was before 4th July promotion :smiley:

I can add 10% back on if you want :joy:

The discount is shown correctly but when added to the cart it’s removed. How do I get to use the 20% off?

Hey @ThomasThil

Sorry for late reply, have you been in touch with S.A support regarding this one ?

I’ve been trying out to replicate this issue but the price is showing with the correct discount in my basket,
be sure to be correctly logged into your account and to select your currency on the bottom right footer


are you going to have a sale this 4th of july?

Hey @ciberlover7

Don’t know about this, they usually do.
Right now they have launched a week sale on all ANA 2 Presets Packs with a massive 40% off, so if you own the synth it’s time to add to your presets arsenal :wink:


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