50 Shortcuts for live

so i found this article at a new blog that i just happened to stumble across, which i thought you might find interesting…

ofcourse, the title is as always mis-leading (no offense, frobot :wink: ) as its not only user generated shortcuts (some are them are definetly in the manual), and some of them are just tips in general but i figured that it would be worth the read anyways. so here we go:

  1. Live shortcuts & alternative controls for certain functions.
  2. Duplicate = COMMAND+D.
  3. Disable Grid = COMMAND+4 (or hold COMMAND whilst selecting note or note start/end).
  4. Select Looped = COMMAND+SHIFT+L.
  5. Resize/Move Loop braces = cursor keys or COMMAND+cursor keys.
  6. In arrange view loop selected = COMMAND+L.
  7. In arrange view consolidate multiple selected clips = COMMAND+J.
  8. Playback from current position = SHIFT+SPACEBAR.
  9. Trigger selected clip slot = RETURN.
  10. Switch Clip/Track view = SHIFT+TAB.
  11. Move clip from session to arrange & vica versa = Click and hold on clip then press TAB.
  12. Stop focus moving when triggering clips (all clips) = In prefs > Record/Warp/Launch > Select on Launch > select ‘off’.
  13. Stop focus moving when triggering clips (selected clips) = CTRL+Click desired clip > select ‘Select on Launch (Pref)’.
  14. Preferences = COMMAND+,.
  15. Adjust all track widths = hold ALT while adjusting.
  16. Record Enable Track = F9.
  17. Slower response while changing track levels = Hold COMMAND while moving fader.
  18. Show hide plugin windows = COMMAND+ALT+P.
  19. Stop browser preview = ESC.
  20. In browser alternate navigation/previewing = left & right cursor keys.
  21. Zoom to loop = Click on the word “length”.
  22. Zoom to position = Click on the word “position”.
  23. Zoom out 100% = Double click the bottom clip overview tab.
  24. Zoom to specific portion = Use start and end of bottom clip overview like loop braces.
  25. Alternate scrolling in MIDI clips = COMMAND+ALT+Drag.
  26. Show/Hide overview in session view = COMMAND+ALT+O.
  27. Show/Hide Info View = SHIFT+/.
  28. Mute/Unmute tracks 1-8 = F1-F8.
  29. Time compress/expand MIDI notes = right-click with all notes selected then select ’stretch notes’.
  30. Insert silence in arrange view/scene in session view = COMMAND+I.
  31. Drag multiple files to individual tracks = Hold COMMAND whilst dragging files in.
  32. Unfold all arrange tracks = ALT+Click a track arrow icon.
  33. Alternative velocity control in MIDI editor = COMMAND+Click note+drag.
  34. Duplicate note in MIDI editor = ALT+Click note+drag.
  35. Render tracks as individual files = In render dialog change “Master” to “All Tracks”.
  36. Assign twice as many qwerty keys to live = SHIFT.
  37. Restrict automation point movement to vertical axis = COMMAND+Drag.
  38. Scroll drum racks 1 row at a time = COMMAND+Drag.
  39. View multiple plugin windows = In prefs > Look/Feel > Auto-Hide Plugin Windows > select ‘off’.
  40. Edit info text for tracks and devices to make notes = CTRL+Click > select ‘Edit Info Text’.
  41. Create note with draw mode off = Double Click.
  42. Remove stop buttons to avoid clips stopping when changing scenes = Select clip slot > COMMAND+E (or enable ‘Legato’ launch mode).

    General Tips.

  43. *Hidden buttons visible when in midi or key assign mode =
  44. scene up/down (in master track).
  45. per track play button – launches selected clip in track.
  46. *Entering bpm in the scene launch buttons title sets bpm when launched.
  47. *Click the headphone icon in midi editor to enable vertical keyboard to preview related sound.
  48. *While MIDI synced to external machine hosting Live ALT+SPACEBAR on the sync slave causes it to sync to the masters current song position. (remedy for sync drifting without stopping and starting).
  49. *Remember to experiment with the default live rack presets especially the DJ/Performance ones.
  50. *GIGA libraries can be exported to Sampler then deleted (if required), as all samples are copied to the library.
  51. *Mac users check out a free app called Soundsource. It adds an audio prefs selector to the menu-bar.
  52. *OSX Function keys = ALT+F1/F2 opens Display Prefs, ALT+F3/F4/F5 opens Sound Prefs, ALT+F8/F9/F10 opens Keyboard & Mouse Prefs.
  53. *When a new version of Live is released. Open Info Window (SHIFT+/) and hover any new parameters, fields or preferences.
  54. *Multiple tracks can be selected and frozen simultaneously.
  55. *Drag and drop tracks directly from iTunes for DJing.
  56. *Dragging a sample onto a plugin instrument will replace the instrument with an instance of Simpler containing that sample.

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Thanks for this!

Thanks - I was actually thinking of getting one of those Ableton keyboard stickers

Ableton Live

Anyone else use them

[quote]slender (26/05/2010)[hr]Thanks - I was actually thinking of getting one of those Ableton keyboard stickers

Ableton Live

Anyone else use them[/quote]

I do. Its some pretty good stuff, but I find that I dont really use it anymore.