50 years of Electronic music in 3 mins

If you read synthtopias RSS you’ll have seen this, if you don’t, you should:

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Acid House - 1958 style


But we can go back to Luigi Russolo who was a pioneer in the 1910s who made a noise making device called Intonarumori not strictly electronic He often got beaten up by his audience


I suppose the first true example of the electronic instrument was created by the russian Lev Sergeivich Termen who invented the Theremin around the 1920’s, which Lenin liked so much he commissioned 500 or so to be made to promote the Russia’s communist grasp of technology.

Lucie Bigelow Rosen with her husband took up the instument and actually made money from playing in the 30’s


Look really interesting guys… gonna watch these later :slight_smile:

those videos were awesome slender. as was the first vid.

the dude with all those buckets is crazy.

Yeah Luigi Russolo was the first true techno viking :slight_smile:

Awesome stuff slens. That first vid is cool. Think I’m gonna sample it :slight_smile: