808 Day Kick 2 Presets Giveaway / 2021

808 Day Kick 2 Presets Giveaway

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Sonic Academy is proud to join Roland in celebrating 808 Day in honour of their legendary TR-808 machine. To celebrate, we’re giving away 15 brand new KICK 2 Presets inspired by the famous drum sequencer absolutely FREE!
So hit the ‘add to basket’ basket button and enter the discount code ‘808DAY’ at the checkout to grab these for FREE

I can’t get the Kick 2 808 Preset Pack to show up for free in my basket. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?


Hi there,

You need to enter the coupon code in CAPS withi no extra blank/space and then click on the + ( Add ) button on the right and the price should turn to 0.00 in your basket.

That said, I’m not sure if it’s still working at the moment, the 2021 808 day sale was supposed to end on the 14th of August, that’s a sure thing about the KICK 2 plugin and the other preset packs sale, it’s now over, but the 808DAY code might still work for this special pack offer.

It’s still marketed as free although the code has expired :frowning:

Unfortunately this offer was just for the 808 days during August, it is actually written in the product description :

…absolutely FREE until the end of August!

Those special events and sales are announced via emails and our S.A socials, make sure to check your email preferences in your account here : Sign Up ( sign in required ) as well as subscribing to our newsletter if you want to be sure not to miss special offers.

Too bad this has expired.

Is’nt FREE:
Sorry, that discount code has expired

That was part of the 808 day giveaway and available for a limited time only, so yes, this offer has now expired.

What I suggest is to check your Email Preferences in your account as well as S.A socials to be sure not to miss special offers and those kind of short promotion.


FREE !!! Giveaway !!! …For €5.93.

Even on 808 Day 22.

Great promotional job guys !!!

So hit the ‘add to basket’ basket button and enter the discount code ‘808DAY’ at the checkout to grab these for FREE!

Thank you

Rabattcode ist abgelaufen

Moderator Edit / English Translation :

" Discount code has expired "

As already mentioned in previous posts, this code is only active in August during the 808 Days :wink:

It is also mentioned in the product page description :

Will Kick 2 808 Preset Pack be free again this month (August 2023)? Thank you in advance for your answer.

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Hi there and welcome to the forums.

Can’t tell for sure if the 808DAY code is gonna be reactivated again this year.

I will ask SA team about this and will update here :wink:

@ramirezz357 so there’s a new 808 Day Kick 2 Presets 2023 preset pack that’s been released today and you can enter the discount code ‘808day’ to get it free.

Those are new presets, not the same as the pack from 2021 :wink:

Thank you very much for the gift!!! I have it now for free. I’ll see the next plugin that could be released for free next year.

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