808 KICK tuning to the bass, HELP!


first sorry for my bad english…!

i got an question about tuning 808 kick to the bass!

in this example track from oxia:

Oxia - Whole Life (Original Mix) HQ - YouTube

im lookin at my frequency analyzer in which range the kick and the bass play! and the bass and kick is most in the same range! everbody talkin in the web if you using an deep kick and also an deep bassline sidechaining can help… if i look to my s(M)exoscope from smartelectronix i see that the kick drum from the oxia track have an long long decay… so how can they using sidechain if the kick drum is so long the bass have not time to breath! cause i try to recreated and nothing help! i sampled the kick drum from oxia and try to play an sine (subbass) like oxia… and nothing sounding like them… the sound is muddy… if i using sidechain like i say before the decay from the kick drum is too long and the sinebass have no time to breath if using… iknow i can adjust the sidechain release time faster… but if i make it faster the kick drum and sinebass clashing and the sound also muddy! im realy sick of it… nothing work! i dont want to copy the style of oxia but i want to learn how they and other producer make it!

please help me thx! :slight_smile:

When the kick comes in after the break in that track the bass is barely audible… all your really hearing is the kick.

they have also mirrored the bass pattern with a sound in the mid register so it follows the same groove as the bass which gives the impression the bass is more prominent but its mainly all the sub from the kick.

hi, thx for your answer but please listen to da track once again on your headphones if you got some studio headphones… i dont know? exactly on 02:05 minutes the subbass begins to play and on my frequency analyzer “digicheck” from rme audio i see the bassline pumpin loud like the subkick! the subkick got the highest level around 50 hz and the subbass is also at the same level and got the highest level between 50 and 60 hz! you can hear the subbass alone pumpin at 02:35 minutes! so how they do that! cause the subkick got an verry long decay and nothing sounding muddy!