80's Prog Electronica

This one is taking you back, waaaaaay back (I hope) used sylenth1 for pretty much everything and z3ta+2 for the floaty bg sound… been messing with the Multiband Compressor to get a right phat low end bass sound, really nice… pretty much finished besides a mix-down/master


D05 - Zodiac by d-aRe

Very nice tune.  I am a sucker for 80’s sounding songs.   :cool:

Nice one etl, I too am a sucker for 80s songs. Really liking the sound palette here. Maybe its just preference but I think that the song could be a touch faster? And maybe a bit less swing on the hats? Thats all mostly taste though.

Overall really liking it.

Do you collaborate at all (and use ableton or logic)? If so, we should frankenstein together some 80’s influenced proggy melodic house!

Also, I too recently discovered the wonders of multiband compression on the low end. Actually was fooling around with using izotope’s multiband w/ limiter settings at the mastering level on the 200hz and under range in my newest track. It worked wonders.


Thanks man, I get slight visions of GTA - Vice City with this one :slight_smile:


Glad you enjoyed dude, the BPM of this track was 118, this completely changed the groove of the track from when I had it at standard 128… I don’t usually go this slow :wink: but it felt right! I used a loop for the main shaker/hats, yes there is a lot of swing on there already but my strong point unfortunately is not perc/drums (I can select great loops however;)

I do and enjoy collab projects with quite a few other guys, mainly just for fun but they can lead to something sometimes… I’ll PM you to start things off, I have been using Logic in the past but I’m fully converted to Ableton now! I’ve heard so many good things about using Izotope for a mastering plugin, will check it out for sure.

Just to let you know I’ve had to pull this track off SC so you won’t be able to access it!

Nice one guys

Dope man. Email sent.