80's Prog House

This one started off as something completely different to what I wanted to make, managed to keep it under 8mins which is spectacular for me… even put in some FX :w00t: No mixdown or mastering but pretty much complete. Sylenth1 and some Sytrus for synth variation, I think it’s got that 80’s vibe going on… If you’re into this let me know what you think as I will be finishing this track off for sure


D05 - Synthespectrics by d-aRe

Yeah great 80’s sound with awesome techniques. Loved it!:smiley:

Dude sweet track. Really enjoyed the 80’s vibe. That electric guitar sound is awesome works really well and sets it of nicely I enjoyed all the synths tho and retro pads. Think the drums are a bit boring for me tho but guess u dont want to do to much to them if u want that 80’s vibe. Also getting to the main part felt to long I liked it but got a bit repetive for me personally. Good stuff tho man look forward to hearing the finished version :smiley:


thanks dude! :smiley:



I can see where you’re coming from man, I am working on cutting down bits of my tracks after I’ve put in the FX and before the mixdown (I haven’t really done a mixdown of most of my tunes yet!) I’ll be putting the final touches on this one and will be fine tuning all parts including the length… thanks for the feedback dude

No worries dude glad to be useful

enjoyed this too youre on fire dude :smiley:

very very professional! Cool track. The space and movement on the initial lead synth was fantastic.


ha thanks man, this was a really spur of the moment tune, saturday morning sitting in bed… enjoyed working on it too :smiley:


glad you liked it mate, nice one :wink: