90's / Rave Era - Preset Pack

Hey guys - I think it would be really awesome & SOOOOOO popular if you created a 90’s / rave era style preset pack with all the classic sounds from that time.

Lets face it everyone loves finding tutorials on how to recreate the likes of the Reese bass / 808 Pacific Pads / Mr Fingers Bass / Prodigy Leads / Robin S’s Organ / Inner City / Haddaway TX81z Bass / Voodoo Ray Acid Arpeg etc

How great would it be to have a preset pack so we just had access to all those groundbreaking sounds on ANA - so many producer want access to those old school sounds… Phil has already made a few in tutorials so the job is part way done…

I’m sure the guys at Sonic Academy could put this together - it’s been done for Sylenth & Massive, but I’d love to have it available on ANA 2.0 as it’s just my go to synth now…

Any chance of this happening guys?

Please do it and take my money! :slight_smile: