A bit of a weird tutorial request

Hey i was just wondering if anyone else would enjoy if SA did this… A tutorial series on promoting yourself as a producer. Its just im absolutely useless at promoting myself, i really dont understand Facebook or myspace or twitter or all that crap and im sure theres other people out there that are struggling with the whole self promotion side of things and its important because even if you have good tracks big labels want you to really have a good social network side of things. So i thought this might be a bit of a cool idea for SA, and it strays away from the whole HTSL side and i think everyone can benefit from this just as much as they can from music theory or how to make a track using samples they recorded at B&Q…

Can i get a +1?

I like this idea… its such an essential step.

could maybe do ten tips for social marketing for producers.


That’s a great idea :slight_smile:

+1 sure

That would be so awesome Phil because i feel this is a big missing link to me as a producer and many others in the same boat. Because i am really completely clueless as how to do simple things like linking your beatport player to facebook or myspace or whatever. Also on the myspace player now theres a little thing you can put next to your tracks in the player that people can click on and buy your tracks, but editing a myspace page is like the most complicated thing ive ever seen lol.

I dont even understand soundcloud or twitter fully…I can understand alot of people will find this easy but i also think alot of people really struggle with this like me…

you can get a +100

that would be a cool one, some very outside the box thinking there Jan but I like it

Yeah! I think the more unorthodox sorta tutorials really adds to what SA offers as a whole, you see alot of music schools in the real world spending alot of time in artist branding and self promotion. Knowing how to DJ or releasing your own tracks just isnt enough these days. You need to even start your own youtube channel it seems now lol and be a producer/dj/web designer/film maker/ustreamer/promoter/label owner etc etc

+1 cheap promotion :slight_smile:

id like it as well…


Hi all. New subscriber, first reply :slight_smile:

I like this idea also…+1

Hey Garl, welcome to SA mate.

I bet as a new subscriber the amount of content you get is insane lol…

Thanks for the welcome mate

Yeah defiantly lol, I dont know where to start!

Ive got some time for the next few days to get stuck in :slight_smile:

yeah this is really good :smiley: +9000


Im glad everyone is in favour of this lol you see I dont just chat nonsense. I hope SA give us something good, they usually do :slight_smile:

We are very aware of the subject from promoting sonic… so im sure we can adapt all our techniques and experience to the producer/artist promotion.

[quote]phil johnston (13/04/2011)[hr]We are very aware of the subject from promoting sonic… so im sure we can adapt all our techniques and experience to the producer/artist promotion.[/quote]

I’m looking forward to this already :wink:

phil and bryan rule

I think if all the major things are covered like facebook, myspace, twitter and soundcloud plus various things you can do once you have stuff released like linking your tracks on beatport or whatever to various social network sites it should be awesome. Im probably missing 100 different things but like I said if theres one thing I truly suck at and need seriouse help with then its self promotion and social networking lol

The Sonic Academy Viral Marketing 101 for EDM Artists please :wink: