A few ideas

Hi! I’ve been watching the videos of how Node works and I’m new here so not sure what
stage the beta is in but i’d like to add some things to the table of ideas.

  1. A shortcut in ANA 2 to run NODE on a specific oscillator 1,2 or 3.
    And being able directly edit and have your new wavetable selected for that oscillator.
    I’m not asking for this to be a feature for third party synths.
    But considering its the same company, why not right?

  2. Adding features like removing the fundamental of the entire wave-table.
    Harmonic editing
    One button to Normalize each node.

  3. I like how simple and intuitive it looks. So perhaps have a button to go into advanced
    mode with a change in UI color where you can access tools such as i mentioned above.

  4. …ish. Not sure if its there already or not, but a full-screen mode or resize option would be great.

  5. So to the export page. Instead of having a specific few paths. Why not change that into an “add path” button,
    and grow the list of paths as needed? Who knows how many or few WT synths someone may have right?

  6. A global control for softening the wave-forms in cases where you have a square or a saw with straight vertical lines.

  7. Serum also have the ability to generate a waveform from an oscillator changing shape controlled by an envelope.
    Lets say you take this into FM territory and a simple envelope to generate new wavetables by mixing waveforms.
    I’m thinking in a way where you can listen to the result like this before hitting a “generate/apply” button.

  8. I have access to this forum, but may get access to NODE itself to see what else i can come up with?
    Workflow is important for me to keep using a plugin over time, maybe i’ll find some ways to improve that.

A few of these are features in Serums WT editor,
and i think it’s only fitting some of them would make it into this one.

you can resize bottom right - just click and drag

you can apply to the beta here NODE | Sounds

I have applied to the beta already. was pointed towards the forum by someone from the company as well. And just checked it again and the download is available for me now. awesome! :smiley: