A few questions

When I make a melody for a vocal does it have to be in the same key as the vocal?

How do I make a vocal/melody echo after it stops playing? I tried using simple delay but it just keeps echoing while its playing.

i am not totally sure I understand your first question, a vocal generally is a melody.

for the second question, have you tried a really big reverb?


Everything in your song should be in the same key.

you can put a gate with a sidechain coming from your vocal to duck out the delay when the vocal is playing.

how do i figure out what key the vocals are in?

where did they come from?

i usually find them on some acapella site

i normally just do it by trial and error… try different chord until one fits.

If you’ve got the cash Melodyne comes in handy for finding out the rough key of vocals…I’m pretty sure theres even a few SA vids on it