A letter from ADSORB!

I recently found Ads (as they call him) on the Nuskoolbreaks.co.uk forums and sent him an email as a shot in the dark. Asking him to describe how he rocks that bass in such a fashion. His sound is extremely similar to Twocker (breaks :wink: ), so this info was a must have for me. Here’s what the master had to say:

Hey easy Raymond,

Thanks for your mail mate. Really glad that your feeling my music…nice one fella!!!

I actually only use logic 5.5 on PC, but have been getting some really good results from the software that I’m using. As far as the bass sound you are talking about, just been assigning the lfos at various synching speeds and bouncing them down to audio then switching between them to get the transitions that you were talking about and a slight filtering to put some life into it. That and some heavy compression and I use alot of distortion to bring the sound out. I always stick a distortion plugin on bus 1-2 and use the buses virtually on everything to help push the sounds out, works great on hats, kicks, snares etc. It also pulls things together nicely. I also use a fair amount of reverb in groups to bring sounds together, even if its just a little bit of ambience to sit them in the right place. Have been experimenting with side chain and getting some good results too. I use the logic envelope quite a bit too to tighten up snares and kicks, then add some of my own reverb to get the sound that I’m after, I try to use weird reverbs rather than your warm plates etc as they can put a nice and different dynamic to the sound and makes it more interesting in the mix.

Reference tracks as always a good way to go when your making a tune. Find a tune that you really like the sound of and keep referencing your track to it, checking on bass levels and drums etc until you reach a similar level, then you know that your getting your track sounding as fat at that one…

Hope that there are somethings that you find useful there.

Thanks for your props man and good luck…


enjoy the info gang. love to pass this kinda of goodness along!


Good work mate, thanks for that.

Cool, thanks for sharing.

Great… Now I gotta figure out what the heck all that means…

Man that’s great !!! Thanks a lot for sharing it with us !

Nice one raymond !:slight_smile:

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