A little preview of my First Official Release

Here you go, to all the people who have commented or criticized or just looked, this is my first release to Beatport. Expect it in March or so. I’ll keep you posted. This is just the preview, (unmastered), so don’t give me too much hell! Haha.

Special thanks to DubVision, KrisRoberts, J. Hiz, Jon Fisher, and the SA forum. Seriously, you guys are why I still log into this website.

Retro-Cool [PREVIEW 2011] by Flaxo

I cant wait to hear the rest of the track! I’m liking what I hear so far man!

Sounds great man! Can’t wait to hear the rest of it!

& Congrats on the signing! I am sure you have many more ahead of ya.

nice man congrats! did u manage to get it out on big fish? :smiley: