A melodic, slower electronic track


i have tried myself in a different style: it is a slower, melodic electronic music. but something is missing from the track, and because of my ear fatigue for this track i can’t figure out what is missing…

every opinion is highly appreciated!

Time To Take Off by pazsin

add a longer reverb to that piano to help push it further back in the mix, right now its sitting too far in the front. then take off a bit of high end from everything else to make it curl up next to the newly reverbed piano. in my opinion that’ll really take this tune to the next level. it’s just basic mixing, i like the track just needs a few tweaks :slight_smile:

thank you verbala, i’ll apply your suggestions! :cool:

hey man, this is a very nice track, I agree with the piano being too prominent in the track, the sounds are all tied in very nicely and the melodies work really well, big thumbs up from me dude well done! :wink:

thank you, i really appreciate it!

btw: the less prominent piano really works… :cool:

I really like this. Great job with the melody and the rhythm, had me rocking my head lightly back and forth.

Masseve, thank you! :cool:

Yeah this sounds pretty cool…Enjoyed listening to this track.

I like it :slight_smile:

Makes me chilled (:

thank you guys! :cool: