A Minor Live

Hi everyone,

I made a new track, I am still a beginner so do not expect too much. I am looking for any helpfull feedback either positive or negative. The track is called “A Minor Live” and the link is below.


I know that listening to a beginner’s track is probably not that fun, but if you want to help me then I would really appreciate it. I mean, I know I am not good at this, but I really like doing this and I want to improve. Only with feedback I can improve. So, if you want to help me, let me know your comments on this track!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

hey, it starts nice but after the first minute it get’s pretty random. nothing really fits and it’s so… random. to be honest, take the first minute, throw away the rest and do something with that.


For me the thing that is immediately noticeable is the lack of drums. Perhaps try putting in a standard basic house beat (a kick on every beat, a clap / snare on every second beat, and a hi-hat on every off beat in between the kicks). In most genres of electronic music its the drums that provide the drive and punch through the song, so they are a crucial element.

The “How To Make” tutorials almost all have multiple sections on how to programme drums (both in terms of the sound selection, the rhythm, and EQing and other processing). You can learn a lot from those - I certainly have.

Good work, and thanks for uploading.

Thank you both for listening and giving me feedback. If you give a more overall opinion of the track, is it then really awfull to listen to, acceptable, or does it sound nice?