A.N.A 1.5 Doesn't working in Logic 10.5

Kick by Nicky Romero & A.N.A 1.5 are crushing
please fix this

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Mac Os - Catalina

Those versions won’t work with Catalina, please refer to this thread and the post from Phil explaining how this might be hard to fix for ANA 1.5 and the reasons why :

I don’t own Kick 1 on my end, so I’m unable to test for sure but it might be the same, broken under MacOS Catalina

Best move might be to upgrade to ANA 2 & KICK 2 in my opinion, at some point you get stuck with older plugins versions and new OS releases, it then becomes a limitation with a critical choice : should I update my OS or not ?

Of course I have Ana2 & Kick2, but how convert old presets to new?
kick 2 has converter - problem is fix
Ana 2 to Ana 1 - ??

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Hi again @karasi

No preset converter for ANA 1.5 to ANA 2 unfortunately. ANA 2 was designed from the ground up, it’s a totally different synth than ANA 1.5 and therefore the presets format & management between the 2 are not compatible.

So there’s no other alternative than to redesign the presets in ANA 2. Many factory presets from ANA 1.5 where redesigned for ANA 2 factory library, now when it comes to custom presets or expansion packs, there’s no other issue than recreating them from scratch.