A.N.A 2 Exporting

Quick question is there a way of exporting from A.N.A 2 too audio with out freezing and flatting your midi in Ableton ?

Regards Tony

Hi there and sorry for the delayed reply :wink:

Yes it’s possible, Live is quite flexible for routing channels IN & Out.

So if you set a MIDI track ( with ANA 2 ) output to a new AUDIO track and set this audio track monitoring to IN and arm the track for recording, it will record the audio out from ANA 2.

Then once done, set the Audio Track monitoring to “Auto” again and either disable the routing or mute ANA 2 Midi track.

You can also send MIDI out the same way to trigger another Midi Instrument and cascade this kind of routing → i.e : ANA 2 Midi Out to another Synth recording it’s output to a new Audio Track.

ANA2 Audio Out

Right Click on the GIF image and open in inside another tab to see full size image :sunglasses: