A.N.A 64 bit doesnt show in 64 bit mavericks

A.N.A 64 bit doesnt show in 64 bit DAW (cubase 7) with mavericks installed , the 32 bit does so maybe an update of the synth will do the job? also the 32 bit a.n.a is very slow and buggy br
also, i checked in abletone live 9 64bit and that works fine i don’t know why it doesn’t work in cubase 7 ?

whats your CPU?

i7 2600k sir

Do you have the most recent cubase update? Think it’s 7.06 think it fixed it for others on here.

thanks for reply , and yes i have up to date cubase 7

okay i don’t know what happend i reinstalled and disabled app nap thanks for help , all works fine now :Dbr
reinstalling cubase did the trick.