A.N.A crashes (ableton live 9 64 bit)

Hi guyss,

I am trying to get the ANA demo to work. Whenever I install it all goes fine. I’m putting the 64bit .dll into my vst plugin folder (running 64 bit ableton 9). When i’m opening ableton it tries to scan the plugin but then ableton crashes. Removed the whole folder and reinstalled everything correctly but nothings works. Hope you guys know something that can help.

Much appreciated,



Hi Nicolas,

I assume that you are under a Windows x64 system because you’re speaking about 64bit.dll files :wink:
and that you are using latest ANA 1.5 demo version.

Next to that, it would help to specify your version of Windows & the exact version of Live 9,
are you using the latest Live 9.7.6 ?

Also, could you please make sure that you are trying to load the correct x64 version of ANA with Live 9 x64
by checking that you have the A.N.Ax64.dll file installed in your usual x64 VST plugin folder :

if you are using a default/standard path for your x64 Vst plugins, then you should find the A.N.Ax64.dll under

  • C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Vstplugins.…

You could also be using a custom folder path ( that should be specified in Live’s files preferences ) like for example

  • C:\Program Files\Vst Plugins\Sonic Academy\A.N.Ax64.dll

But in any case check that you find the A.N.Ax64.dll file there.

Hi Tekalight,

Yes i am running a Windows x64 system.

My version of Ableton live is indeed the latest 9.7.6 64 bit version.

I am running my vst’s from a custom folder path:

C:\Users\Nicolas\Desktop\Plugins x64

this includes all my other vst’s and the A.N.Ax64.dll file in there.

Thank you for replying,


Thanks for checking this all, you still did not mentioned if you are using a WIN 64 7, 8 or 10 ?
but anyway this VST path is quite uncommon, it is reported on Ableton web site that using some system
folders could cause issue with loading Vst’s.

Check those links by them for further trouble shooting

But for now could you please try the following :

1- Create a new VST folder path C:\Program Files\Vstplugins
and move the A.N.Ax64.dll in the Vstplugins folder so you end up with

C:\Program Files\Vstplugins\A.N.Ax64.dll

2- Once you are sure your A.N.Ax64.dll is only there and not in your previous desktop vst folder,
open up Live 9 and change your custom VST folder in the options/files from Live then do a rescan or
close/reopen Live.

This will isolate the ANA x64.dll file in order to see if it’s working under that new path, and if it is then I suggest you to copy/move all your plugins under that new path.

If it’s not solving the problem, you can set back your custom VST folder as it was before in your Live preferences, you won’t loose anything, just be aware that if you have a huge number of plugins, Live will take some time to rescan them all.

But it’s a good way to isolate the A.N.Ax64.dll to trouble shoot your issue.

Also, you may want to be sure that your ANA 1.5 demo was not corrupted from download or extraction of the archive, because those things can happen, it could worth it to try a new download and a clean new install.

Let me know if the .dll file works in the new VST path.

I’m sorry, I am running on windows 10 64 bit.

When i created the following path:

C:\Program Files\Vstplugins\

and moved the A.N.Ax64.dll in the folder it still keeps on crashing unfortunately. Really bugged that this happens and can’t find any reason what so ever.

Thank you for replying again and trying to help me out.



Yep, that’s a bit weird because you are running on a WIN 10 x64 and latest version of Live x64 9.7.6 so it’s not supposed to be related to older or non up to date configuration, but there’s also a compatibility build that you can find here on Sonic Academy website https://support.sonicacademy.com/hc/en-us/articles/203305091-A-N-A-crashes-upload-loading and maybe it’s good to try that one too.

There’s also a complete ANA section on the support page here https://support.sonicacademy.com/hc/en-us
This & the Ableton previous links could help you to troubleshoot more.

I’m myself quite methodical when those problems arise, so I’m thinking that a clean uninstall of ANA 1.5 would help before trying a new installation, so you could try to delete C:/programdata/sonic academy / a.n.a before trying a new clean installation. You can use tool like CCleaner to check & clean your registry and reboot your PC after uninstalling.

Also take in account what could have change on your config, updates, hardware, third party applications that could cause a conflict, like Automap Novation, 32bits plugins wrappers…ect.

Last one I could think of ( even if it’s a basic point ) but it’s suggested at the end of the Readme.txt file included in the Sonic_Academy_ANA_V1.5_Demo.zip and also on Ableton support pages : try to open Live 9 using the right click and “Run as Administrator” method, you never know. Better trying that while still using the preferable C:\Program Files\Vstplugins\A.N.Ax64.dll that you will define during a clean uninstall/install of ANA 1.5 demo.

If you still get unlucky to make it work, I suggest you to open a ticket with SA support then.

Hope that could help ! :wink: Let me know.