A.N.A Logic problem


I can’t use A.N.A in my Logic and when scanning it this message comes up:

validating Audio Unit A.N.A by Sonic Academy:

AU Validation Tool
Version: 1.6.1a1 
Copyright 2003-2013, Apple Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Specify -h (-help) for command options

VALIDATING AUDIO UNIT: ‘aumu’ - ‘SnAn’ - ‘SnAc’

Manufacturer String: Sonic Academy
AudioUnit Name: A.N.A
Component Version: 1.0.0 (0x10000)

    • PASS

FATAL ERROR: OpenAComponent: result: -50,0xFFFFFFCE

validation result: couldn’t be opened

What is the problem?

Hey @Adello

Could you please let us know the following :

  • What’s your version of Mac OS ? ( version name + build )
    IE: Mac OS High Sierra version 10.13.6 (17G65)

  • Your Logic Pro Version ?

  • Are you using latest A.N.A 1.5 release ?

Also make sure that you’re using the x64 plugin version of the plugin if working with a 64bit system & DAW.
So check if you have the following plugin file A.N.A x64.component in this folder:


Also checked that you’ve downloaded your license key file from your account and that A.N.A is correctly authorized. ( maybe you’ve got another VST based Daw or App to check this next to Logic )

Attached is a .zip txt file of a correct AU Validation Tool result on Mac OS H.S 10.13.6 and latest Logic Pro X 10.4.2 for A.N.A v1.5
Audio Unit A.N.A Validation Result.zip (3.0 KB)

You will find path information in there, be sure to use an app like the free Permission Reset or BatChmod to reset permission of the following path YourmacOSHDD/Library/Application Support/Sonic Academy/ , restart your computer and open Logic again, go to Preferences/Plug-in Manager find A.N.A and highlight it and click on the “Reset & Re scan Selection” button on the bottom left of the Plug in Manager window.

Thanks for your feedback, let us know if that helped solving this issue.