A.N.A. starts eating 100% CPU after idle in Cubase 7.5

A.N.A. surprisingly falls to eating 100% of CPU (as per Cubase internal metering, 100% of one CPU core if fact) after some time of being not used (i.e. no notes is played using this instrument). It happens even if the patch itself is not so CPU-hungry.br
Didn’t debug it myself, but it looks like Cubase sends something like “turn off” message to plugins which weren’t used for some time to save CPU power, but it makes A.N.A. to go to some strange state.br
The effect disappears once you play even a single note with the instrument or turn off/turn on it.br
So, to reproduce:br

  1. Create a new project with a track with A.N.A.br
  2. Play a part on it.br
  3. Wait a couple of minutes.br
  4. Notice that performance meter raised to 100% and indicates overload.br
  5. Play a part with the instrument again.br
  6. Notice the performance meter returning to the previous, sane value.br
    If any other information on it is needed, please post and I’ll try to gather it as currently I can reproduce this quite easily.