A.N.will not load with machine 2.2 on a Mac

I got the 32 bit working in live, but can’t get it to pass scanning in machine 2.2br
with 64 bit. I sounds amazing really want to buy it but can’t get 64bit version working.br
Tried unistalling, well removing the vst and AU and reinstalling but still nothing.br
Please helpbr
Hey Phil, thanks for the quick response. Yes A.N.A functions fine in Live, Reaper, Logic X, FL Studio and Maschine 1.8. I was able to get it running on Maschine 2 for Win 7. I am gonna try a few things on the MAC, at the moment I only have the AU 64bit A.N.A. installed and when Maschine 2 goes to scan the AU it quits when it gets to A.N.A. I am going to uninstall and then reinstall both AU and VST and see if it works. I’ll report back.