A new 'edm-trancy" track

Hi all!

I need some help with this. This track is the number 7th that I produce since I started studying ‘Electronic Music Production’. It is unfinished, but I would like to know if I’m in doing ‘right’.

Thanks in advance!

Hey, I am also doing a remix of this track for the metapop remix comp! I like this man it’s a cool track. It has some really nice parts. I like the arrangement. I think you should go all out classic trance on it though. Personally, I am getting that from it. I think the midsection needs beefing up. I feel like the snare/claps are dry and could do with some /more reverb. For me it’s a bit sparse in places. Maybe some interesting parts every 16 bars or so. Possibly more FX? Something to indicate the vocals dropping I feel would also help the flow of the track. The kick is a bit thin as well and I think needs some more bottom weight. All of this is my personal opinion and I listened on headphones. It’s a cool track I hope any of my constructive criticism helps.

Thank you!

Every opinion is welcome, really. Actually, the track is unfinished. I haven’t work the voice yet. Still working with the arrangement, etc. It’s the first idea.

I take note of your opinions and really waiting for listening to your track.

No problem! You’re definitely going in a good direction with the track. I uploaded my version also in the feedback section.

Uploaded new version and still working on the arrangement and final version.

Hi there @wingx

You did a good job with the vocals IMO, the arrangement is quite original but personally, I don’t cope with the intro, I prefer the way it starts at around 0:35 and you have a harsh transient/sybilling resonance with the vocals right at the start of the track. Find the transition and change in the track starting from 2:01 a bit abrupt and radical in terms of tonal balance, it sounds very clean and in a higher frequency range than the first part where you have noise & effects going on and a kick sounding quite boomy.

Some midi notes in the lead synth seems too much off grid to my listening ( example at 4:54 but it happens several time ) and I found it disturbing.

Not sure about the progression of the track, your bringing and taking out a lot of energy, I’m missing build up and drop and joy time classic progression of a Trance track here, but that’s my listening feeling of course :wink:

So again the parts after 2:00 sounds clearer and better in term of mixing than the intro, keep it that way but perhaps some arrangement & song structure could be review IMO.

Hope this helps & good luck :wink:
Cheers !

Thank you very much @Tekalight

I greatly appreciate your good advice, as always. I have paused the project for a few days, to resume it with fresh ears. Meanwhile, I am analyzing trance songs, both classic and more current, to complete this track with a structure and arrangements more in keeping with the style.

Thanks again to everybody!

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That’s a good idea IMO, I took a listen to the original, it’s not classic Trance, it’s got a modern touch with some Future House/Bass Trap elements in it ( LOL, need to buy new neurons with all this sub-genres… Aahha. ) But listening to the vocals, I would see something more classic like some tracks from Cosmic Gate & Emma Hewitt ( also many other female singer with Cosmic Gate. To bring modernity you can take a listen to the orignal “Be Your Sound” and the Ilan Bluestone Remix version.

Same goes for you @CtrlAltDel since you’re into this remix-comp too, listen to some references, both classic and more modern and pick up a reference track than you can work with, for the arrangement & structure as well as matching mixing levels & tonal balance.

Cheers guys !

Thanks @Tekalight

That’s a great piece of advice. I’ll take those Cosmic Gate’s projects as inspiration/reference (in addition to some from Protoculture).

Thanks again.

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Thanks @Tekalight I Focusing on your feedback I decided to go back to the beginning with my gain staging.I have also adjusted the arrangement to help the flow. I changed a lot with the drums and a few other things. I feel like I’m nearly there and ready to post the next version. Cheers

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