A pretty obviouse how to sound like . . surely?

How to make Irish Trance! Hey guys i checked out the sonic academy trance tutorials and thought some things were cool however i see à big hoohaa over what how to sound like when there is à really obviouse one and one which i think the tutors at SA can go really in depth with and thats irish trance! I personally come from Holland and i have to say i love the sounds comming from ireland. I mean look at some classic songs Like coast 2 coast - home or Agnelli and Nelsons older stuff and look at all the great irish producers John o’callaghan, Simon Patterson , Agnelli and Nelson, Gleave Dobbin , John Gibbons and scimon tist, fonzerelli . . Theres loads! I would love to hear back from SA about this as i feel they have à very unique sound they can explore and whats better than being actuall experts in a genre of music you are trying to teach? Just à thought!

haha irish trance, that sounds really funny for some reason :P, i’m irish myself by the way