A question about ANA and velocity

Hey i dunno if this is a dumb question but on some of the patches the notes all come out at exactly the same volume, it doesnt matter how hard or soft you hit a key but its a standard volume that the notes come out. Where can you controle this and make it that way that the notes respond correctly to the real piano playing velocities?

if you look at any of the Envelopes in the middle of the synth, you should see at the bottom left “Velo” just increase (or decrease) that value!!

tried that, it makes no difference to the volume.

you have to assign Volume to velocity in either mod 1 or mod 2br
tbh it isnt particularly well implemented. something we will look at for the next build.

Assigning velocity to mod 1 or 2 has very little effect, other than automating the volume for the whole track is there a patch or workaround for this issue?br
Many Thanks