A question about influences

Just a quick question, what are peoples influences the music they love, and do they find themselves making all sorts of genres of music? It seems mainly house (im speaking very broad here, as i mean house, trance most electronic genres) but i find myself changing my favourite genre usually every month.

I love all types of music, and I mean all types haha, but often i find myself getting bored of a genre and then completely listening to another one for another month. Usually it changes between Hip Hop and House, but lately been listening to a bit of drum n bass, big beat etc.

ITs hard to find one type of genre to make music, because one day I will be listening to some fat hip hop that inspires me, and the next day or the same afternoon some banging electro or funky house track will inspire me to start on a electronic track.

Does this happen to everyone else? It doesnt help that my mates either like Hip Hop (90%) of them or house music (the other 10%) who I hang out with quite a bit. What are your thoughts? Do you struggle to stick to one genre?

hi there . i have the same issue too . I started to Produce French House lately which seems pretty good. but I originally started to Produce Deep tech house . but yeahh i made Drum and Bass , Dubstep , and many other genres but cant get to stick to one style yet . :frowning:

Though my bigest influence is other techno artist new and old - my influences are far and wide, from Jazz to classical to Dubstep to house - since I am an avid movie watcher generally non US hollywood - I listen to alot of film scores as well

I think if you have the time one should listen too anything and think - how did they do that

Music is funny like that. Tastes and styles are always evolving into something.

For me, I don't listen to much hip hop at all. I grew up listening to rock. And then I progressed from trance to house music. I listen to all genres usually. However now-a-days its been almost all electro. Can't get enough of it..

The funny thing is tho, that listening to electro has brought me to dubstep. And now I am spending my time going between trance, house, electro and dubstep. Dubstep has been giving me loads of ideas & inspiration for electro & trance tracks that I am working on.