A question for Chris!

First off i just wanted to say that having recently gotten a Mac and Logic 9, that your tutorials are really awesome and are definately teaching me a lot! I never thought i would be dragged away from Ableton but logic just feels great and to my ears it just seems easier to make great sounding tracks.

I was just wondering seeing as SA do quite a few track run throughs and show how particular tracks were made if mabey Chris could do the same with some of his Agnelli and Nelson tracks. I understand you said you did a lot of stuff in the old Logic and you got a new computer but i mean i think it would be awesome for SA if they could show not just how a track was made but also show how a HIT track is made as im pretty sure any of your older tracks and remixes could show this. Anyways just an idea.

ill ask him and see if he has any projects he can still access.

[quote]phil johnston (17/07/2012)[hr]ill ask him and see if he has any projects he can still access.[/quote]

that would be cool. i’d like to see how he did the track “Everyday” :smiley:

Well thats what i was thinking but i think most of his big hits were done on an old computer on logic 7. but if he still has access just think of all the tracks you could potentially see. Everytime, Holding onto nothing, Big Sky remix, Wear that dress theres tons of great tracks Agnelli and nelson have made.

[quote]jjdejong0 (18/07/2012)[hr] tons of great tracks Agnelli and nelson have made.[/quote]


Exactly! Think it would also be wise if we could pillage his pc, bet he has some awesome samples to nick :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote]jjdejong0 (19/07/2012)[hr]pillage his pc[/quote]


Would love to see how he put together ‘Big Sky’ - that’s quite a track!

Yeah thats such an awesome remix. I kinda feel a huge part of that tracks success was due to the A+N remix…

c’mon chris lets see some templates of your hits.

were all friends here!!:D:D