A song without lyrics

Here is my latest track, all feedback is welcomed:

Song without lyrics by zmo

sounds wicked man! I don’t think this needs lyrics though. I really enjoyed the harmonies and atmosphere. One thing though, buff those drums up! - I’d compress the **** out of them and make them pumpy and sucky and thumpy… could really glue this track together well! keep up the good work. :slight_smile:

NAh needs some Gabba breaks mate :smiley:

Nice and chilled :wink:

really nice track, enjoyed it :smiley:

I’m glad you guys are enjoying this! :slight_smile:

Really nice, I specially liked the contrast between the chill atmosphere and the distorted chords in the background. Gave it a chill but menacing vibe. Also, nice drum sounds, more rocky than electronic.

cool track, i like it without lyrics (i think a vocal would convey different emotions).

btw: it reminds me of emancipator, he make music in the same style.

I loved it :smiley:

So chill and Epic

Emancipator is great! I’m nowhere near as pro, but thanks!