A specific drum beat and a bass I cant copy! (Major7 remix)

Is been like 5 hours I’m trying to find out how to create that beat,

on 6:16 there is a great entrance and if anyone can help me through making that specific bass and drum beat, thank you!

Egorythmia - Night Shift (Major7 Rmx) - YouTube

You can find that explained in the :

Synthesis & Sound Design

Get that Sound - Psy Trance

Tutorial here on sonic academy. From there you can tweak to eternity :))

But I’m using Cubase :S

what don’t you know how to do in cubase from the first video ?

I dont understand your question :S

I’m using cubase and the guide is for ableton :S

Oh now I get it, I’m not subscribed… it might be a problem, is there any way to buy only one specific video?

The video is only for ableton but the tech part is the same. You can also do it in cubase just using different plugins. Not very hard , if I had cubase i’d make a project file for you.