A Thumpin Hard Tech Trancer with a trippy Hypnotizing melodic break

This is my first fully complete track if that can really happen lol after 100’s of 16 bar loops I got out and focused. I could continue to tweak forever and destroy it so I’m sharing now for any Criticism advice etc. I know in todays productions its very poor in comparison, Ya gota start somewhere

Welcome on the forums first off ! :sunglasses:

Edited your post to correct the SoundCloud link that wasn’t correctly displayed :wink:

It fits the genre, nice kick and bass, very punchy and nice use of Fx sounds & effects to add cool textures & glitch to the track and also atmosphere.

Good balance between all elements in the mix but felt very loud and a bit crushed when listening, some higher frequencies feeling a bit harsh over time.

Was lost during the first break TBH, couldn’t find a relation with the rest of track, giving me the feeling it was another track starting in a DJ set. Only towards the 3rd part at around 4:15 when I heard the lead synth melody I understood that it was used for the break : maybe you could use more notes from this melody to keep the listener connected.

But yeah, except for this & the track being very loud and the sharp high end, it’s a nice track that fits this genre, keep it up.

Cheers :sunglasses:

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Much appreciated feedback. Thank you. I’ve little to zero knowledge on mastering. I just winged it with ozone. My setup is in the corner of my kitchen so the acoustics won’t help me too much lol.

The first melody break was to introduce the melody just a wee bit leading to the bigger drop and bass note changes.

I don’t have the capability to take the sound mixing quality any further. I can only gradually improve. Arrangement wise I improve weekly.

I was stuck with arranging loops for years. I just started stretching them out to have a go at full track length tracks from July past. I think it’s steady progress. Frustrating too lol.

I mixed an alternative version of that track earlier.
I’ll add it for a laugh. Cheers.

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Yeah, coming up with a good arrangement that work can get frustrating, sometime it’s just a matter of “less is more” and subtracting elements from full bars loops and then linking them with cool transitions ( you’ve got those already :wink: ). Without falling into “copy-cat”, taking a reference track you like and following a similar song structure and deconstruct what elements are brought In & Out can help with arrangement.

But yes, steady progress for sure, nice work :+1:

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I can hear the harsh highs now :+1:t2:.

The basslines and melodies are far far from what I’m trying to achieve. It’s just what develops as I try to construct something lol.

Scot project. Jordan suckley would be the sound I’m into. Bryan Kearney Sean tyas Simon Patterson also for the driving uplifting stuff.

I try not to follow the basic template structure. Scot projects tracks can have various bass sound changes along with different kicks etc within one track. Unpredictable tunes give a holy shit reaction. I’m a complete amateur with mountains of experience to achieve in years to come. Unfortunately the minefield of YouTube is my source of tuition. Even Armin and ferry corstens tutorials are vague.

Are you located in the Northern Ireland branch?

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You can access all courses online actually.

Browse tutorials by genres from the main courses page.

You might find interesting courses in similar genres. The “How to Make” courses cover full track creation, from sound choice/design to arrangement and mixing :wink: