A Trance tune I made a few weeks ago, looking for advice



I know it’s not perfect, infact the bass and the kick don’t go together too well and it’s quite repetitive, but let us know what you think, so I can improve with my next tune.


Its not bad man! I just gave it a listen @ work.

A couple things you mentioned the kick. It sounded kinda whummfy at work. Possibly over compressed? Maby its just me but I love a nice rounded kick.

Also try adding some variations every like 16 bars to the kick. Bring the drums out for the last bar and then add a double kick when it comes back in. That always pumps me up!

other then that… you might wanna add a few variations to the chords. Play them with a different beat. I like how you switched the sounds a couple times, That was good, but try changing the beat pattern for the chord along with changing the sounds and it will take ur tracks to the next level!

if i were you i would try to add a couple of ambient pad sounds with nice chords. they should not be dominating, just in the background.