Abelton Reverb vs Vst Plugin

hey just like to hear everyone’s thoughts on abelton reverb vs Vsts, I have seen phil use the 2C aether and it seems like a great piece of gear.

I guess my main questions are how much difference do you think it makes (abelton vs Vst) to the finished product if someone who knows exactly what they are doing like phil for example was using it?

Im mainly trying to establish if buying a vst like the 2c aether will be worth the investment over just using abeltons reverb?

Thanks for any thing you guys have to input

If was starting off and i had a copy of Ableton.

My next purchases would be in this order.

  1. a synth. (Sonic Academys secret new synth that no one knows about but is awesome)

  2. a reverb - 2caudio breeze, Aether, Lexicon MPX, Reverberate.

    3, nice compressor. Fab Filter Pro C

  3. EQ Fab Filter Pro Q

    If you had all those you have no excuse gear wise for not having things sound amazing.

Thanks for the reply phil I shall put all of those on my to get list, look forward to hearing more about the sonic synth :slight_smile:

one more quick question phil which is better out of the breeze and the aether?

Same engine … Breeze is a cut down version of aether

[quote]phil johnston (24/12/2011)[hr]1. a synth. (Sonic Academys secret new synth that no one knows about but is awesome) 


come on Phil what is it??? you know we have to know!!

p.s. I have aether reverb and it seems to be a little CPU hungry. Does anyone else have this sort of problem with this plugin? Sounds Great though!

There are a whole bunch of performance settings in the back end… Turn oversampling down if you want to lessen the load…l it autmoaticly reverts to fullbquality when you render.

will be telling more about the secret project soon.

Lol am i an idiot for using the Ableton Reverb?

[quote]jjdejong0 (28/12/2011)[hr]Lol am i an idiot for using the Ableton Reverb?[/quote]

Unfortunately yes. I would find out exactly what tiesto uses.

just purchased aether reverb and the quality difference compared to the abelton on roughly the same preset is amazing, aether is going to take a bit more time to get my head around.

Question for phil do you think it will be possible to use aether as well in the dutch house tutorial?

Yeah sure.

Any idea when the next part is going up Phil?

hopefully friday… if not monday or tuesday.

Missus is off work so hard to get some quiet time!

haha at phils last comment about his missus we all know what thats like lol