Ability to select oscillator waveform using track automation

While making a recent track (mentioned in this post) I wanted to have the bass instrument change pulse waveform width on each note. Since ANA doesn’t have a separate control for pulse width, the only possible way I could see to do this is by changing the waveform to Pulse, Pulse 40, Pulse 25, and Pulse 10. However, I couldn’t find a way to automate this in Ableton Live 9.br
Is this at all possible? I settled for using automating the Filter 1/2 Cutoff for the first four notes of the clip then copying and pasting across the track, duplicating and looping the result. This doesn’t do the same job and doesn’t result in the same sound.

Pulse width modulation kind of simulates the sound of multiple slightly detuned oscilatots going in and out of phase. So if you are looking that sound you could try adding a couple of voices and retuning them.br
There is no way to automate the waveforms however you could also try having pulse on one osc and pulse 20 on another and heading between then although this won’t sound perfect.

OK, thanks, Phil. I’ll experiment.