Ableton 8 Drum Rack Tech Tip

Just wanted to say thanks for this - in just over five minutes I’ve learned a whole bunch of stuff I didn’t know existed in the Drum Rack after a year of using it. Nice one!



But then I’ve never bothered with it before, have always been happy with Impulse. I may try it out though as it seems a good way of compacting everything into one channel.

Yeah very good tech tip.

Another tip regarding drum racks.

Once all of your samples are in the pads and you are happy with the drum pattern you’ve created there’s nothing stopping you manually dragging out any or all of your pads where it becomes instantly seperated from the rack.

Now you’ll find you have full control over panning send controls etc. A bit like the old skool style we’ve been taught in the impulse tutorials without all the hassle.

The additional benifit of doing so will also become apparant when in arrangement mode.

I just started doing what krome outlined. Great for being able to create little variations on each part without having lots of similar clips. When you’ve them all dragged out you can group them up again with a group track to manage overall drum levels etc.

Yeah, this is some great stuff.

I never ever ever ever use Impulse. It somehow degrades or does something to the audio sample (like I mentioned some time ago) that doesnt happen with drum racks.

Also a great reminder tho folks, this is something that you might not always want to do. For instance, if you have three kicks, one for the click, one for the body, and one for the sub, there might be a time where all you want to play is the click. So user be aware.