Ableton 8 Suite For Sale

SOLD :smiley:

I’ve lowered the price on Ableton Suite to £280 - this is a bargain as it is for the full commercially licensed boxed edition.

I’ve also decided to sell my license for Melodyne Editor on eBay…


Times are hard I’m afraid so I’m being brutal. I’ve cleared the sale for Melodyn with Celemony so everything is ready to go.

And lowered again to £250.

Melodyne Editor SOLD

This thread is quite engrossing :slight_smile:

Desperate times.


I’m just waiting for your Machine to be sold for 20 quid :slight_smile:

I’m hoping I can stave that day off for a little longer!

My friend would buy it but hes in the US

I can always find out a quote for postage if he likes? I assumed trackable postage to the US might be too expensive but I’ve dropped the price so much anyway it will probably even out.