Ableton - Audio in Arrange - Is it real?

Question about audio in the arrange in Ableton.

As you stretch it out - is every copied piece of audio a “Real” copy which is stored on your HD?

Or is it a clone - with no HD space, just a reference to the original?

Been reading the manual but cant see anything that answers my question. I should probably explain a little: I’m moving over from Logic - which allows you to clone & loop copies of audio / midi - just wondering if its a similar situation in Live :slight_smile:

You can do both, but by default, they’re just references to the same physical file.

Nice one Rampus :cool:

Sound - So theres one real one & the rest are clones unless you bounce / flatten something & import…

I’m guessing then by the same logic, that Consilidate makes a new file to reference?

Correct. Crop, consolidate or freeze will create a new physical file.

Big thanks man- appreciate it :slight_smile:

yeah ableton call it “non destructive” editing

tear away big man!