(Ableton) Avicii pitched note

Hi all!br
As a beginner, i have troubles to make a similar sound of this pitched down note we can hear in Avicii’s productions (for example). br
You can hear it at 1"29 and more : Avicii - Levels Original Mix - YouTube
I think i understand how he proceeds, but when i add a Pitch (in midi effect) to the track of my synth and i try to make the automation, i fail and the line i draw doesn’t change the sound of the synth !br
Thank you guys to light my lantern :wink: cheers from france !

Changing the pitch that way won’t work because it will only effect the next midi-input that is fed through it.nbsp; So it actually never makes it to your synth.nbsp; Automating it in your synth itself isn’t going to make it sound like the Avicii-stuff either.nbsp; You’ll need to do it in a sampler/simpler.nbsp; Or to make things easier, check out the plugins described in the thread “Power Off Sound” which is also in this section of the forum

Power off is the key ! thx a lot i missed the thread !

Erm not not strictly true, of course you can pitch bend down, but you need to make sure the synth is able to do it to a high enough level. If it have a pitch bend range set it to max and that will make the effect stronger. br
Also Avicii uses dblue Glitch, A free plugin that has a bunch of effects in it, google it aha :slight_smile: