Ableton Beginner Tutorial - Music Production - Lesson 5 Creating a Drum Beat QUESTION

hi, i was watching this video bigginer tutorial to abelton intro part 5 making a drum beat and the dude Bryan spence is like now import your “making music with Abelton intro file that is included in the video.” and its not included with the video so do i get if off this site? if so where? i want to finish the lesson! xD



Forgot to mention that the video I saw was on YouTube and name abelton beginner tutorial making a drum beat part 5 so just look it up to see what I’m talking about. Thanks again.


All the Samples and project files for all out tutorials are included for our subscribers in the Files and resources tab on the course pages.


You can purchase the course individually as a download and the files are included.

If you are finding Ableton enjoyable and plan on going a bit deeper the Subscription is great value.

I think we have about 200 hours of video now in all types of genres all with included samples and project files.


You can check out the first 20% of all the different courses as a registered member to see if there is any stuff you like!

Good Luck!


Yeah if you purchase the course you get all the samples and project files.

I see the course is £24.99 for the download.

if you where to subscribe its only £34.99 for 3 months which enables you to watch everything online and get access to all the samples and project files from all the courses.

you can cancel at any time if you just want 3 month access.

Im just thinking that if you are half way through the course you might get it finished in a week and could move on to another course with more samples and stuff for only an extra £10. Seems better value for your money.