Ableton Bug

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this but ableton does not use all your system resources before it tell you it cant handle more.

For example right now I’m useing cubase with ableton rewired and in windows I have 50% cpu gone and 49% ram, as soon as I hit about 47% ram usage ableton closes down telling me its out of memory. Works fine when windows is under 45% in rewire. I also notice ableton tells you it using more cpu/ram then what windows is telling me even when its not rewired.

Cubase has no such issue are I’m useing 32bit, the same as abelton.

Anyone else noticed this or even found a solution?

Some how I think we’re gonna have to wait for ableton 9 before theses issues are fixed.

I thought you were calling yourself an Ableton Bug Wayne! :smiley:


Yeah… its annoying if its widespread. Is it stopping you from doing what you wanna do?

How many plugins do you have running?

Do you ever bounce stuff?