Ableton course Module 6

hey guys i’m having a problem with module 6 of the ableton course.


when you get to the part of duplicating the drum pattern and adding a filter to the envelopes when you are shown to flick between drums and drums fx loops the filter seems to be active - although it isn’t working the way of the diagonal line leaving the top one foltered straight

i’ve watched this clip 4 times now (oh i wish there was a timeline bar and not the rewind function) and each time the tutor gets clean drums and then drums with the filter applied when flicking between the two.

i would like to achieve that but the top drum pattern has filter applied (albeit in a straight line) and the drums fx has the diagonal line)

i hope the above makes sense, i’m currently working a nightshift and am very heavy eyed and i think i have repeated myself lots.

i’m tired, need help, and sleep :slight_smile: