Ableton Dubstep production help


I am really trying to produce some pretty gnarly dustup right now on ableton live.

But i cant figure out how to really fast bass hits or stabs.

I don’t really know if that makes sense at all but thats the only way i can put it.

SO if anyone out there can make sense of what im trying to say and help me out that would be absolutely amazing


either program them in with midi or use an lfo?

You could event try the arp in the midi effects and automating the rate

honestly… i make dubstep and im not sure what ur talking about.

Obviously i know what bass & stabs are… but not 100% what u mean by fast…

Try changing the size of your notes if you want them to play faster.

If your on 8th notes, then change them to 16th or 32nd notes.

ALso what tempo are you working in? Try it at 140 see what happens. :smiley: