Ableton ****ed my set up!

whats this all about, playing away and recording and tghe audio cut out, then back then out again…

then it stop completely for no reason WTF

never happened before and it would have to do it end the end of a live set.


Now I have to go and fit it all up in soundforge :frowning:

i had times before when the sound was ok while playing but when i listened to the recording of my set there were drop outs etc

other times it didnt do it

f**k knows mate!

I’m gonna have to do the whole thing again!!! I’m REALLY PISSED OFF at this, wasted the whole day! **** u ableton! Cheers!

Anyone know why this would happen and how to fix?

you don’t want to hear my answer, but it’s hardly ableton’s fault

[quote]seanl (16/12/2010)[hr]you don’t want to hear my answer, but it’s hardly ableton’s fault[/quote]


What u on about son?

my ableton is up to date if thats what your thinking so yes, dam u ableton!

were you recording audio from external input?

Also, if you’re using your CPU’s internal sound card to do this. STOP! To boot, if your recording this out as a final mix, why not set the whole thing up the way you want it like if you were producing a track, and then just render it? Then there’s no CPU overload and no chance for errors in the audio. I try to never “record” a live set unless it’s just that, live at the club… Then I’m usually recording that on another device other than live or my computer.

redcording a dj set from my desktop out to my ak1 & djm then into my laptop recording on soundforge. cpu usage is like 20%max so its defo ableton

I suppose you should make sure that your settings going out from Live and into SF are proper aligned. Maybe your getting digital clipping somewhere on the record side, which is why you only hear it when you play it back…

mate I’ve recorded 15 track in to ableton without a problem, I’ve even recorded traktor set running on the same computer, so it must be in settings or hardware

Check SF is what I’m tellin you man. If it’s crappin on the recording, and the recording in on SF, then I would start there. Work backwards from the problem. Not towards it.

its not the recording mate, it live play back from ableton…

seems to have worked of the last so hopefully it wont happen again!