Ableton: How duplicate a loop from your arrange view with the automation

Can anyone help?

Im in the process of arranging a track. I have a 16 bar loop of multiple tracks, audio and midi. I want to duplicate this and paste the exact loop with all of the automation in one go further on in the arrange page.

I know this can be done but whenever I try I loose all of the automation and the clips just copy over. I have seen it done in SA tutorials. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Right click on the loop brace and select duplicate time

I have tried that bur automation wont copy over. Is it something in preferences maybe? so annoying.

what is it your automating?

In the arrange view above the track names there is an icon that looks like a padlock. This is Lock envelopes, I think if you want to copy the automation as well as the clip it needs to be off, but it could be the other way round.

in the menu bar, go to options and uncheck the option “lock envelopes”.

that should do the trick! :slight_smile:

hope that helps