Ableton is driving me into insanity lol!

hi all,

im just working my way through the '‘how to make deep house’'tutorial!

and when i get to the 3rd lesson it applies sylent and an audio track underneath the channels it has alot of options of where to send the sylenth to??

mine dosent have this box of options at the bottom any idea how to get it on??

it has a few diferent knobs and controls on it??

please help

thanks all


On the very right hand side of your ableton screen there are a series of buttons in a line.

One if them is I-0

Its a little round fella, right beside the master fader - actually right at where the fader sits by default.

Hit that & y’ll get them Mate :slight_smile:

thankyou so much dude made it alot easier now :slight_smile: new to all this but im trying my damn hardest lol:D