Ableton issues

Hi guys, I’m wondering if anyone can help me.

I’ve been running a cracked copy of ableton live 8 on my mac book for around a year now (naughty boy I know!) and I want to delete it entirely from the computer ready to install the proper version which I am going to buy. I have been having increasing problems with crashes lately and I’ve been told by a few pals who are more clued up on computers than I am that the reason for this is because mac’s do not like copied software being installed on them. I should have known this from the start but I was skint at the time and was given the cracked copy on disc and thought ‘to hell with it, what harm can it do?’ haha!

Its got to the point now where nearly every time I put a command in the laptop freezes (when that little multi-coloured spinning wheel appears) and other applications on the laptop are also acting strangely and freezing all the time, I have been assured this is down the copied ableton and the increasing number of projects I have saved within it.

There’s a couple of things I would love some advice on as I am not the best with computers!! First of all, I would like to know what is the best way to get the copied version and all traces of it off the laptop??

Secondly, I have a number of projects saved within ableton which ideally I do not want to lose. I have a number of tracks on there which are being released and I would like to know if there is a way of saving these projects somewhere so that I can refer back to them and also for remixing purposes, or will I have to just bite the bullet and wipe everything as I understand it may not be advisable to re-load projects from the cracked software onto the proper version, if it is even possible to do so?

Any help would be hugely appreciated guys as I would like to get this cracked software of my beloved mac as soon as possible haha!! Hope someone can help :slight_smile:

Thanks guys.

[quote]sammyc1981 (04/01/2013)[hr] re-load projects from the cracked software onto the proper version, if it is even possible to do so?[/quote]

i seriously doubt you can do this!

but not totally sure. hope someone here can help ya :slight_smile:

Yeah I didn’t think it would be, and even it was then surely I’d just be starting the problem again. Think its going to be a case of separating the tracks into parts ready for remixing and just wiping the entire thing completely and starting from scratch. Just want to know how to rid the computer entirely of the cracked software

We dont condone cracked software on the site for obvious reasons but as you have stated you are going legit im happy to help.

There should be no reason why old projects shouldn’t open up in a new legit version of live.

Try saving to a new folder then select collect all and save from file menu.

I would first get rid of any dodgy plugins you have also installed as these might be a more likely source of your problem.

you can have more than one version of live on your computer so get the legit trial and try moving the projects across.

Thanks for the reply Phil.

I dont actually have any plug-ins other than ANA so that cant be the problem, it must be the software. I only have a total of 14 projects saved, how many projects can be saved before possibly causing the computer to slow down do you think? I can imagine thats got nothing to do with the problem though as macs are powerful?

As you can probably tell I’m not the most computer literate haha! But I will do what you’ve said :slight_smile:

It actually could be a problem with ANA… there is a small memory issue with it thats fixed in the next update… can start to eat up memory when you have few instances running.

copy and paste the crash report in to a txt file and send it to

Cheers Phil.

Been a while since I used ANA but I’ll fire it up now and check it out.

You can freeze the ANA track and see whehter the problems still there.

Well I’ve loaded ANA into a few channels and theres no crash report coming up. Like I say this problem was there while ANA wasn’t even running on any of my projects, its just been sat there in my plug-in folder so it cant be ANA??

Phil, would you advise me to wipe ANA from my computer along with ableton? Would it be possible for me to get it again and re-install once I have the proper ableton on my laptop as I still have the licence?

Yeah you can download it any time from your account or from the ANA page.

I dont think it will make much difference.

do you have an external sound card or you using the internal one?

I dont have an external sound card no.

Phil would you advise that I install the legit version of ableton first to see if my projects will open?

Yeah i dot think there is any issue in that… your projects should open ok

Ok Phil, thanks for the advice!