Ableton key commands

Hi guys as the majority of you use Ableton on here I thought I will quickly pick your brains.

I use Cubase as my main daw but I’ve been trying to get into Ableton of late. The problem I’ve got is I have used Cubase for so long and created my own short cuts etc. When it comes to using Ableton I get frustrated at the simplest of tasks because my keyboard short cuts don’t work.

I have a copy of Ableton live 8 lite that I had with my sound card but I just cant seem to find any options for changing key commands. Is this a lite version thing or am I missing something?

I’d love to know this too…

I’ve honestly been too lazy to look it up on the net :hehe: :smiley:

Its the small things that I’d love to know shortcuts for - like deactivate notes.

But I’ve been getting on fine without it - but still interested nonetheless :slight_smile:

manual chapter 33 has them all listed.

now you mention it i used cubase key commands way more than abletons.

I don’t think you can change the key commands in any version of Ableton.