Ableton Live 10.0.10 & ANA 2.0.98 - Preset not loaded


I am using Windows 10 latest version 21H1.
ANA2 is not loading the preset with which it is saved in the project. So, when I load my project the sounds are correct loaded but when I start ANA2 the preset changes always to default.

Any workaround?

Thank you.

Hi there @SA_GEM

2 things here :

  1. There’s an upcoming version addressing several issues with presets recalling, so I’m expecting v2.0.99 to solve this. Actually, if you’re using the SD version, v2.0.99s is already available via Connect or your Slate Digital account.

  2. Not sure how you saved or what are those .FXB presets ? Saving a channel setting will result in a .ALS file inside Ableton, saving from a Midi Clip will create a .ALC and ANA 2 itself doesn’t use the .FXP preset format. So just confusing what you’re doing here, maybe I’m missing a point though :blush:

Hi Tekalight. The .FXB preset is the preset format which I saved inside Ableton Live. The small save/disk icon at the side of the preset chooser. Actually, I wanted to save this preset inside ANA2 but as you see, alle parameters are changed and I can’t save this inside ANA2.

Great to hear that an update is coming.

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Hi again @SA_GEM

Latest release v2.0.99 is now available for download : My Account / My Downloads / Plugins

Let us know if this version solves this issue :wink:

Also make sure to check the Readme file form the download archive for other fixes/improvements/new feature ( there’s a cool one with the ability to manually edit/enter values using Alt + Click ).

Strange things happen. One time the preset is loaded, another time the “Beautiful Dread Lead” is loaded. Another time INIT. Then I can read “system32”? as preset. Today I loaded my song from yesterday where all was working and now the presets are changed to “Beautiful …” preset.
Luckily I have add the preset I made to “Info Text”. So, as things are. I can’t use this synth in Ableton Live. I try to make a video and will put it here.

Either your presets are corrupted or something went wrong with cumulative updates, another reason could be if you are sharing this project with someone else and your collaborator is not using the same version of ANA 2 + the same version of Live.

Backup your user presets and go through a clean install process : Manual Uninstall + Reboot + New install from latest version from your user account + license file ( you’ll need to authorize again ) .

Don’t restore your user presets yet, start Live before, let it scan ANA 2, launch the plugin and authorize. Close live and try to reopen your project. Then try again after restoring your user presets to see if that’s giving you errors again.

You may have to find the offending presets if you are getting the same issue after restoring your Backup.

Follow this guide for Manual Uninstall + perform this additional step to remove the VST 3 plugin :

VST3 : C:/Program Files/Common Files/VST3 remove ANA2.vst3

Let us know if you’re still having issues after trying the above :wink: